This Is Us

Designed for living

We don’t design cookie-cutter kitchens.

We bring together time-worn craftsmanship with contemporary innovation to create spaces tailored to your lifestyle.

That means carefully considering every element of the design that responds to the way you live. Then using hand-crafted materials and techniques that will stand the test of time, and age beautifully, with you.

Material world

The warmth, grain and texture of wood; the cool, smoothness of marble and slate; the patina of zinc – to us, materials matter.

The right material is a very personal thing. It is as much about aesthetics as it is about function and quality. So we spend time with you considering what works best.

The source and sustainability of the materials we use is of the utmost importance. So we only work with companies with strong sustainability records. We use indigenous British species wherever possible. We even plant a tree for every kitchen we make.

We then carefully and deliberately put these materials to use – crafting, refining and tailoring each piece, using time-worn skills, tools and craftsmanship.

Your kitchen is a living space, so we make it that way.

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Part of the Furniture

Our long-serving team of joiners, technicians and designers are proud and passionate about the work they do. Here’s a little insight into what floats their boats.

"The space is a canvas"

Head Paint Technician since 1997

"I love the smell of Ash"

Brian Jewell
Foreman since 1990

"Oak is virtually eternal"

Richard Hutton
Designer since 2003

"Elm has incredible colour variations"

Mark Penaluna
Joiner since 1992

"One-off pieces for listed buildings and churches"

Phil Bowden
Joiner since 1999

"Creating hand-finished furniture is so satisfying"

Robert Szukto
Bench Joinery since 2019

"Walnut, for its dark sheen and grain patterns"

Sam Curnow
Apprentice Joiner and Fitter since 2017

"Traditional work using time-honoured techniques"

Stephen Jory
Master Joiner since 1987

We go back a long way.

We come from a long line of Cornish cabinet makers, and an even longer line of Cornish boat builders. 

It was here, on the banks of the Helford river, that Richard Winfrey took the family’s time-honoured skill of building skiffs and turned it to crafting cabinets. 

The generations-old tradition of well-honed craftsmanship continues to this day. This rich heritage influences everything we do, from innovative design and traditional techniques, to treating everyone with care and respect.